Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Birth of Estes Carlisle

Have you ever seen a Facebook post about a Mom who went into labor so quickly that she had the baby at home or in the car or in the checkout line at Walmart (ewwww!) and you wondered, "How the heck did she not make it to the hospital?"  That would have been me about 2 years ago.  And then I had my middle son. At home.  On accident.  Because when your water breaks over your toilet and he arrives less than 10 minutes later, you have no time to get to the hospital. (*see previous blog post for more on that story)

So, when Cooper and I found out we were pregnant with Baby #3, I knew right away I did not want a hospital birth.  I'd given birth at home accidentally already, so the idea of a home birth was so intriguing.  But, being the good husband he is, Cooper had some reservations:  
One, I am according to most OBGYN's, I am definitely "Advanced Maternal Age".  While I already had two very successful pregnancies and labors, according to some, I am WAY over the hill to have a baby, especially outside of a hospital.  
Two, what if something goes wrong?  What if I'm in distress or the baby needs medical attention?  (or HE faints at the sight of blood and needs medical attention! ha)
All really good concerns.  As Cooper put it, "This isn't just about you, Lauren, it affects our whole family."  And he was right. (as he sometimes is.)  But, I knew if we got some more information about home births or even birth center births, he'd realize for a healthy, normal pregnancy, it can be just as safe as having a baby in a hospital.  

I loved my OBGYN that watched over Potter's pregnancy.  She's amazing.  So, we went to see her for our 9 week appointment to confirm the pregnancy. Before we really explored the idea of home birth, I wanted to make sure the baby was healthy.  I'd suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks with my first child, so those first appointments naturally always give me some anxiety.  We go to our appointment, and there is a healthy little baby on the sonogram. Cooper and I expect to see a little gummy bear on the screen, but we quickly realize this little gummy bear has full-on arms and legs and a big ol' head.  Come to find out, somehow we weren't 9 weeks along, but almost 15 weeks!  (And, yes, I know how making a baby happens...but I had no clue I was already past my first trimester! This math teacher got her math really messed up this time)  But, baby was healthy, so when we got home, I brought up the idea of a home birth to Cooper again.  He was still hesitant, but I realized we had to find a midwife quickly since this baby was going to arrive sooner than expected!

Our doula, Rebekah (you remember her, she's the one who delivered Potter!) gave me some recommendations on midwives in our area.  I told Cooper I wanted to at least meet with a midwife who specialized in home births to get some questions answered.  I also told him he could pick any midwife on the list and if we didn't like her, we'd keep looking.  

The first person he chose was Dr. Teri Mitchell with BundleBorn Midwifery.  He said he picked her because she had the most credentials of anyone he researched and because she was a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), meaning she has more medical background than some midwives.  We send her an email, and amazingly she has one available spot for an August due date.  Cooper and I (and our boys!) meet with her and bring along our long, huge list of questions about home births.  As we interviewed Teri, she calmly and thoroughly answered each one of our questions.  After chatting for at least an hour, we wrap up, tell her we need to discuss it, and will let her know what we decide. 

The four of us leave our meeting, we buckle our kids into their car seats, and even before Cooper and I hop into the front seat, he looks at me and says, "Let's do it.  Let's have a home birth!"  (*the exclamation point at the end is added by me.  When I heard him say this, I was super excited and confident in our decision.  I'm sure if this were Cooper writing, he'd have written it, "Let's do it. Let's have a home birth??" I think he was happy with our choice, but likely still a bit hesitant.)

So, we start seeing Teri after 20 weeks along.  Every appointment lasts over an hour, and it feels more like having coffee with a friend than going to a doctor.  While she is still very diligent about checking on me and the baby, the atmosphere during our visits was much more relaxed and comfortable than what I'm used to. 

Fast forward to my (unknowingly) last prenatal appointment.  It was a Thursday, and I had the very first appointment of the day (since none of us thought I'd make it to 39 weeks + 6 days I had to be added to the schedule first thing in the morning!).  I had the boys with me as well, which always makes for an interesting visit...even when there is a whole play fort in the BundleBorn office.  
Ashley, the student midwife, checked my vitals and went through the normal questions and I'd let them know I'd felt as if the baby had been really low lately. I'd also been having slight contractions on and off for a while now.  Knowing that I generally have very fast labors, Teri and I discussed if I was pretty dilated, when I did go into labor, if it was as fast at Potter's delivery, she was concerned people may not make it to our house on time.  (When we originally met with Teri, we told her our birth plan consisted of one thing:  everyone make it to our house on time.)  Knowing that, she went ahead and checked to see if I was dilated at all.  (Which, contrary to what OBGYN's normally do, midwives don't often (or ever) check if you are dilated since that isn't usually a good indication on when you will go into labor).  She checks, and I expect to be at a 2 or 3 cm.  Nope.  5 cm.  50% effaced.  No wonder he felt low.  While she's at it, she does strip my membranes a bit too.  Not normally something I'd request, but since I was this far along already and been having contractions, I was ready to meet this baby!

We finish up the appointment, knowing that this baby would be here pretty soon.  The boys and I leave, and head to the splash pad down the street.  I call Cooper and let him know my status.  He, of course, is questioning my choice to be at the splash pad 45 minutes away from home rather than heading straight to our house in case I go into labor soon.  (I am not sure I told him, but I was having fairly regular contractions at this point). The kids play for a few hours and we pack up and head home around lunchtime.  My mom has decided to meet me at our house just in case I am actually in labor she doesn't want me to be alone!  

 Best pic we could get at the splash pad

As I pull into our driveway, I unplug my phone that is playing the coveted Moana soundtrack, and my radio defaults to 94.9.  The song that's on is The Lion and the Lamb.  Funny thing about that song:  when I was unknowingly in labor with Potter, we were sitting at church during worship.  The Lion and the Lamb was the last song I remember singing that day, so every time I hear it, I think of Potter's birth.  I had jokingly told Cooper that if we were sitting in church one Sunday and randomly sang that same song, I would know it was God's way of telling me I was in labor.  So, as I hear that song on the radio, I unmistakably know I was going to have a baby that day.

We meet Mom at our house and I put the boys down for a nap.  My contractions are fairly regular, every 6-10 minutes apart and lasting about 45 seconds.  I decide to vacuum and clean the house (because when you have a home birth, you know you'll have a handful of people in your house and I certainly didn't want to be distracted by my dirty laundry pile on the floor while in labor!) while I wait to see if they get even more consistent.  Cooper decides to come home early, and gets there about 2:00.  My mom heads back to her house and tells me to keep her updated.  

About 4:00, the boys are up from naps and since it's about 100 degrees outside, we decide to walk around at Target to get this baby out! (I don't even think I bought anything!) I text Teri and let her know my contractions are probably at a 3 or 4 pain-wise (on scale of 0-10) and about 8 minutes apart while walking around.  She tells me to head home and keep her updated.  We get home, and when I am moving around, contractions are still picking up.  Teri tells me she will start to head my way, especially since I am Group B Strep positive and I need a dose of antibiotics first.  

Cooper and I get supper ready, give the kids a bath, and get them ready for bed.  It's about 7:00 now and contractions are about 3-4 minutes apart but aren't super uncomfortable.  Conway and Potter go right to sleep with no problem.  Usually at least one of them wants one more book or water or something before they actually fall asleep.  But not tonight...they both go down so incredibly easily.  
Funny thing, for months I'd told people that one of the things I was most worried about during labor is the boys... who would watch them, would they be okay while I was in labor.  So, I had been praying for a while that if it was possible, I would love for them to just sleep through my whole labor.  Then, I wouldn't have to worry about them and could focus on the baby and myself.  I love that God listens.  I know that my prayers helped our boys that night, and therefore Estes and I.  I could not have planned it better.

Cooper and the boys watching a Facebook Live Story Time by his school that evening

The boys are both asleep by 7:15, and right at that time, Teri arrives at our house.  The rest of the birth team will be there soon, and she gives me the antibiotics and checks me again to see if I've progressed since our morning appointment.  By now, I am at least 7 cm dilated.  As soon as she's done checking me, my contractions go from a 3-4 on the pain scale to full on 6, 7, 8!  Almost immediately I have to get on all fours to make it through a contraction (which is the exact same position I was in during Potter's labor).  Soon after, Rebekah arrives and she and Cooper tend to me in the living room while Teri gets her things ready.  

This is the point where stuff gets fuzzy.  I only remember snippets of the rest of my labor because the contractions were so strong.  I know that once my contractions really got going, I told Rebekah and Cooper that I didn't want them touching me anymore and I moved from the living room floor on all fours to my bedroom floor.  It's probably 8:15 by now, and the rest of the birth team has arrived.  I try to use the birthing ball to help me through each contraction, but it doesn't help. Back to all fours it is. Cooper and Rebekah fan me the whole time because I am ridiculously warm.  At one embarrassing point, I do remember saying (Cooper says I yelled it), "My butt feels like it's going to explode!" (sorry, TMI...)  I am not sure if these contractions were much more painful than Potter's, or if I was in such shock during Potter's labor that I don't even recall how tough they were.  But, man, these contractions were vicious.  There was so much pressure during each one, I could not believe this baby was not here yet.  


About 9:00ish, my water breaks.  Not to be overly dramatic, but Cooper (who is very dramatic when it comes to birth and needles and medical stuff) describes my water breaking like someone dumped a whole bucket of water all over the sidewalk.  I just know there was a lot of pain right before it broke and I also know that meant this baby would be here soon.  
About that same time, my labor playlist on my phone starts to play a Dave Matthews song (I was in high school in the late 90's, so I was a big Dave Matthews fan...don't judge...I even snuck into a Dave Matthews concert in Chicago once. Another story for another day).  Cooper starts giving me a hard time about my music choices, so I tell Teri to switch to the next song on my playlist.  Guess what song comes up?  Yup.  The Lion and the Lamb.  I know it may sound silly, but I think God knew I needed a little sign from Him that it wouldn't be long and I could do this.  Because, guys, it was painful.  Never once did I think about wanting an epidural, but goodness I've never felt pain and pressure like that.  But, I also knew that my body could do it. I could do it.  I'd done it before, I'd been preparing my body for this marathon for months.  I'd been praying and working out and reading birth books and I could do it because in the end I would get to hold my sweet baby boy.  And, at this point, I didn't have a choice.  I had to make it through.  

Also interesting to note about home births (or at least my birth team), after every contraction, they would check the baby and make notes about how he was doing and how I was doing.  Just like in the hospital.  They also checked my blood pressure often too, just like in the hospital.  
I was amazed at how my birth team seamlessly worked together.  Never once was I concerned that I wasn't getting the attention or support I needed, and I also felt very safe with all of them.  Safe because they were monitoring me and the baby very closely, but also very safe that I was in an environment where I could labor the way I needed to and wouldn't get judged for it, or be told I wasn't allowed to be on all fours, or be tethered to an IV pole if I didn't want to be, or be told when I had to push.  It was my birth and they let me do what I needed to do to be comfortable (well, as comfortable as you possibly can be while in labor).  It was very freeing and empowering while still safe.  

I don't remember much else about my actual active labor.  It was hard and tough and painful and full of vulnerability and emotion.  It was also amazing.  And empowering.  And spiritual.  And at 9:29 pm, this perfect baby was in my arms.  Looking at the photos from that moment, you can see the overwhelming emotion spread all over my face.  At that moment, none of the pain mattered.  I'd done it.  Well, we'd done it.  Little Estes and I, along with my husband and supportive birth team brought him into the world just the way I'd imagined it.  (well, it was a little less painful when I'd imagined it...) 

After Potter's birth two years prior, the ambulance arrived 4 minutes after he was born.  The EMTs cut his cord, wrapped him in a big piece of foil (no joke), handed him over to Cooper while they put me on a gurney and into the ambulance.  It was over an hour and a half until I really got to hold my healthy baby.  I am grateful for those EMTs and I know they were just following protocol that night. But, I also realize now that I missed some critical early moments with my middle baby.  And, as a result,  breastfeeding was a bit more difficult, his blood sugars were low, and I didn't get some of that early bonding time with him.  So, with this pregnancy, I knew I wanted to reclaim some of those moments that I'd missed with Potter.  I think Teri knew how important that was to both Cooper and I.  And, for Cooper, Potter's birth was very scary for him.  He had to call 911, wasn't sure if I or the baby would be okay, and he was rightfully a bit traumatized by the experience.  So, I think after Estes' birth, he also go to reclaim some of those feelings.  

Estes and I immediately got skin-to-skin time, he started nursing very quickly, and we got to snuggle in our bed and marvel at our new baby boy.  Teri and Nikki (the wonderful student midwife there) checked me, checked the baby, and all was good.  Rebekah had prepared an herbal bath for Estes and I which was surprisingly restful and peaceful.  Some of our family had arrived and they got meet Estes, see me cut the umbilical cord (Cooper was still too freaked out to do it, so I got to!), and witness him getting
weighed and measured.  Cooper got some skin-to-skin time with the baby while Laura (the birth assistant) helped me into our bathroom.

A few hours later, our family had gone back home, nursing was going well, the birth team had cleaned up immaculately, and it was time for the birth team to head to their homes to do this all again with another family in the coming days.  

Cooper and I got some much-needed sleep that night, Estes slept well the first night (like most babies do the day they were born...the sleepless nights come soon after!), and seeing Conway and Potter's faces the following morning when they realized Estes was born was priceless.  

I've done three births three very different ways.  An induced hospital birth with an epidural, an unplanned home birth, and a planned home birth.  All perfect in their own right.  Each birth was amazing and I honestly wouldn't change a thing about any one of them. 

But this birth experience was life-changing.  Not just life-changing because our third baby boy was born, but also because it taught me things.  Seeing what you and your body are capable of when you think you are pushed to your limit changes you.  Trusting people when they see you in your most raw state changes you.   Looking at birth and pregnancy and life from a whole different perspective changes you.  
As it should.  
The Birth Squad!

I'm not quite sure how you put into words one of the most vulnerable, joy-filled, painful, yet empowering experiences of your life.  I am sure this lengthy post did not do the experience justice.  And, I'm sure if you were to ask my husband, doula, or midwife how Estes' birth went, they'd all have very different points of view.  But, my perspective is my reality.  And, the reality is that I am grateful to God for answered prayers and a healthy baby boy who has already opened my eyes about who I am and who God is and who he is.  And I am sure he will continue to surprise me and challenge me and change me for years to come.  

Estes Carlisle Hilton
August 23, 2018
9:29 pm
7 lbs, 9 oz
20 inches

Birth Team:
Dr. Teri Mitchell, BundleBorn Midwifery
Doula: Rebekah Lewis
Birth Assistant: Laura Perkins
Student Midwife: Nikki Knowles
Photographer: Lawren Rose Photography (all birth pictures on this post by her!)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Potter's Birth Story

                                                               Potter’s Birth Story
                                                     Sunday, September 11, 2016

First, let me say that while this was a crazy, scary-at-times, unexpected birth story, I wouldn’t have changed one detail.  If this story is any indication of what life with Potter will be like, we are going to have quite an amazing journey with him in our lives!

Before I get to the actual birth day, let me go back to earlier in the week.  Knowing a little of the back story certainly helps you see how God had a hand in every step of this birth!

Thursday, September 8th:  We had our last pre-baby meeting with our doula, Rebekah (we hired her with the intent of a natural birth).  Before she left, she mentioned that her doula friend had to deliver a baby on her own the week before (doulas aren’t meant to deliver babies on their own!).  After we joked about how scary that would be (but how it would never happen to us), Rebekah asked us to show her where our towels were just in case something similar ever happened to us! 

Friday, September 9th:  I had my weekly appointment with Dr. Banks.  (I was 36 weeks, 5 days along).  Since Cooper had a conference in Austin the following week, I asked her to check and see if I was dilated at all.  If there was any indication the baby was coming within the week, Cooper wouldn’t go out of town. Luckily, I was only dilated to 2 cm (like I was the week before), so it didn’t seem like he would arrive any time soon.  

Saturday, September 10th:  It was a busy day!  First, we had breakfast in downtown Denton, went to an auto show on the square, and even went to the fire station for their Open House.  Later that day, Austin Marimba was playing at a carnival in Coppell, so we ventured out to see them play.  I felt great and even told some friends that I felt so good that I didn’t anticipate this baby coming for weeks! I did drink a cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea that afternoon...I think that may have been a catalyst to my labor.

Sunday, September 11th:  It all started while I was getting ready for church.  Slight contractions were making me pause while I was putting on makeup, drying my hair, and on the car ride to church.  In fact, on the way to church, I decided to download a contractions app on my phone so I could start tracking them.  During the worship and sermon, every 8-9 minutes, I’d track another contraction on my phone.  No big deal, though…I could sing, sit, stand, talk through them all, so I didn’t worry about it.  Afterwards at lunch I continued to feel them, but went about my day.  In between eating chips and salsa, I Googled "prodromal labor" and decided that's what these contractions really were.  (thanks a lot Google... boy were you wrong!) 

Once we got home, we all took naps (little did I know that would be my last uninterrupted sleep for a long time).  Again, the contractions would still make me pause and interrupt my day a bit, but nothing extreme.  When Conway woke from his nap, I went to get him out of his crib, and he touched my belly and was talking to the baby (very unusual for him!). 

About 4:00, contractions were getting a bit stronger.  Every so often, I’d have to get on all fours to make it through one.  But, they were anywhere from 30 seconds-45 seconds long, and very sporadic, so I still didn’t think much about it.  I did tell Cooper to go to the store since I figured I’d have to go see the Doc on Monday and he was going out of town.  Cooper ran to the store, and started grilling burgers for supper.  While he was grilling, I decided to take a bath to see if that would lessen the contractions.  It didn’t.

Finally, Cooper convinced me to text our doula and just give her a heads up.  At 5:27 I sent her a text and told her what was going on and that I thought it was prodromal labor.  She told me to keep her updated and to try to rest and stay hydrated.  I also called the on-call doc (with Cooper’s urging).  She called me back at 6:00 and the doctor asked me how painful the contractions were (I told her 6 or 7).  She said within the hour if they got worse, to go to the hospital.  I texted my mom and told her what was going on… I also told her she was officially on-call and keep her phone handy.  The plan was once I was in labor, she or Alison would come and watch Conway when we went to the hospital.

Within the hour, the contractions were getting stronger.  So strong that I was on all fours to manage the pain.  (Cooper was still grilling burgers… I mean, it was still false labor, right!?)   Once Cooper was done grilling, I had moved onto our bedroom floor, now on all fours permanently.  I realized now (with Cooper’s urging) that this was actual labor. At one point, I did tell Cooper that this was the point in Conway’s birth that I asked for an epidural and it was probably good I wasn’t at the hospital.  He told me that I didn’t seem to be as in much pain as I was when I asked for the epidural (he may have been fibbing, or maybe I was just managing my pain much better this time, or maybe he was right…all I knew was that it was starting to hurt!)

 I tried calling Mom to have her come watch Conway, but she didn’t answer…so Cooper told Alison to head this way since we’d likely head to the hospital within a few hours. 

At 7:08, Cooper made the executive decision to call Rebekah, the doula, and ask her to come to the house.  I think he knew before I did that this was more than just false labor.  By the grace of God, she was in Denton finishing up dinner with her husband and made it here within 15 minutes.  By the time she got here about 7:25, I was still on all fours and contractions were still a bit sporadic and I could talk through them, but they were getting more intense.  Rebekah tried to do some pain management techniques with me, but being on all fours was the only thing that made me feel better.  Cooper secretly asked Rebekah if this was real labor, and she told him it was and to start packing the hospital bag (I’d half-packed it a few days earlier).  He put on some John Mayer for an impromptu "birthing playlist".  I remember the song "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" playing... an ironic song to listen to during a natural labor!

7:45 rolls around and Alison arrives to watch Conway.  Conway was so calm during the whole thing-he had no clue what was happening.  (I’m not so sure Alison didn’t really know the full extent of what was happening either!)  By the time she arrived, Cooper was loading up the car, I’m still on the floor, and we are about to head to the hospital.  Before we get up to leave, I go use the restroom (it’s about 7:55 by now).  The second I sit down, my water breaks…a lot. (luckily over the toilet!).  The moment I stand up, I know this baby is about to come… It felt as if I had to have a bowel movement…times a million!  I look up at Rebekah, and I tell her this baby is coming soon.  She can’t see anything, so asks me if I can feel his head.  Sure enough, I reach down and can feel what I assume is his head.  She quickly helps me to the bed and yells at Cooper to call 911.  (he was still putting stuff in the car).  As Cooper calls 911, he yells at Alison to say a prayer, Rebekah finds some towels and lays me on my side.  I don’t even remember pushing to get baby’s head out.  It was like I laid down, and then automatically out came his head! 

Cooper is in the background with 911 on the phone.  He is so frustrated because the man is asking him questions like “how old is your wife” and “do you have clean towels you can grab” while he is telling him that baby is crowning and we are having a baby at that moment!  Then, the 911 operator tells him he has to answer another call!  I felt like the baby’s head was out for such a long time (I’m sure it was not long at all!)  Rebekah tells me I have to push out the remainder of his body.  I remember at some point her saying a much-needed prayer over all of us.   After pushing just once (I think…it may have been twice), he was here!  Rebekah tells Cooper to note the time-8:04 pm- and she is able to see that he is breathing and has a healthy umbilical cord.  Phew! 

Rebekah places this perfect little baby on my chest (I had at some point pulled my shirt up over my head to get it out of the way I guess).  Less than three minutes later, the EMTs arrive.  All five of them. In my bedroom.  With everything exposed.  I guess they’ve seen it all before.
Yup. That's a "what!?!, I-just-had-a-baby-at-my-house" face.


They check me.  They check the baby and cut the umbilical cord.  Everyone is fine.  So fine, in fact, that when I got the EMT report, they noted my blood pressure was perfect!  It’s crazy how your body just knows what to do when it’s time.  Cooper is told to take the baby (who still has no name) inside the ambulance while they load me onto the gurney.  Alison and Conway come in the room to see me off.  (Sister-of-the-Year Award goes to Alison who cleaned up our room/bathroom while we were at the hospital!)


In the ambulance, all I can say (repeatedly) is “I just had a baby!”  While I’m definitely still in shock, I am also definitely on a “birth high”.   They’ve wrapped the baby up in what looks like a huge piece of foil that they’d wrap a burrito in at Chipotle and we are off to the hospital.  In the ambulance the EMTs keep telling me not to push (mind you, the umbilical cord is still attached to the placenta inside of me).  The last thing they want me to do is deliver the placenta in the ambulance.  When the EMTs learn we don’t have a name for the baby, they start suggesting some for us.  “Freedom” and “Patrick” (for “Patriot” since it was 9/11) were both on their list. 

We make it to the hospital, take a picture with all the EMTs, and my doctor was on site within minutes.  I deliver the placenta with my doctor (who is joking with me that she can’t believe I didn’t make it to the hospital in time), and all is good. 

Alison has Conway at home, my mom finally answers a text from Alison (that said “baby is here!”) and she is on her way, and Cooper’s parents are already driving up from Houston.  I finally get some skin-to-skin time (much later than I’d hoped…but who expected me to have the baby at home and be escorted to the hospital by ambulance?!), and baby is able to start nursing soon afterwards.

The next day, Cooper and I realize we really have to name this baby.  “Potter” was one of our finalists (his favorite choice, my second choice).  Cooper tells me that I can make the final decision.  After realizing how God was right by my side through everything the night before, I just knew Potter was his name (after Isaiah 64:8  “Yet you, Lord, are our Father.  We are the clay, and you are the potter. We are all formed by your hand”).  Plus, he looked like a “Potter” already. 

I realized the day before I went into labor, I’d written an entry in a prayer journal Alison had given me.  I’d asked God to “help me deal with any pain I have in labor.  Help me rely on You during those tough hours, minutes, and seconds. I ask that you help give me strength, focus, endurance, and purpose with each contraction.  Help take my fears away and turn them into trusting You.  Help me remember each moment leads me to meeting ‘Kiki’” (Conway’s nickname for baby).  I’d also included 1 Timothy 2:15 “But women will be saved through childbearing-if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.”  It was amazing to look back and see just how much God was watching over us.  Even though this birth didn’t go anything like we’d planned it, it didn’t matter because He was in control.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.  And, I was so incredibly blessed to have this experience not only with Potter but this spiritual experience with God as He stood by my side through each moment. 
*Edited to add:  For those wondering:
-No, it's not cheaper to have a unplanned home birth.  Ambulance rides aren't cheap!  I'm so thankful even the ambulance was covered by my health-cost sharing group (grateful for Samaritan Ministries International!)
-Hiring a doula (and in particular, our doula) was well worth it (and arguably life-saving in our case), especially if you desire a natural birth
-Yes, we bought new towels and sheets.  And, thankfully we'd purchased a really nice mattress pad a few years ago.  Saved us from buying a new mattress. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cookies 'n Cream Trifle

An easy, impressive-looking, kinda healthy dessert? 
Yes, it's possible.  And so simple.
A trifle-no, not truffle- is really just a layered dessert. 
(I think.  Well, that's my definition anyway).

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Burp Cloths

It's baby season! (not for me, but for everybody else it seems!)
So, I figured I'd try to make some burp cloths to give as gifts.  All you need is some cute fabric and cloth diapers. 

I found a great tutorial here.

 I followed her directions pretty closely. Only other tip I would give is to put white thread in your bobbin.  That way, you won't see the thread on the backside of your cloth diaper.
Happy Sewing!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fried Green Tomatoes

You've probably seen the movie. 
I've seen it,  but about 10 years ago. 
Honestly, I don't even remember why the movie is called "Fried Green Tomatoes". 

Regardless if you've seen it or not, if you've never tried an actual fried green tomato, you're missing out.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crayon Caddy

My neice turns 2 this week, so I wanted to make her something fun for her birthday!  I saw this contraption (I'm calling it a Crayon Caddy) at a friend's house and thought, "I can make this!"

So, I've adapted my Mini Apron into this cute Crayon Caddy!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

I know. 
It's been a long time.

Like, a really, really, really long time.

I'm sorry. 
But, I'll make it up to you.  I promise.

(if that were a speech from a boyfriend, I don't think I'd buy it.  But, I'm hoping you do.)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nutella Ice Box Pie

Went to the Texas State Fair yesterday. 

Fried Kraut Balls.
Chicken Fried Bacon.
Fried Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack.

Yup.  A little over-indulgent.
So when I made my Nutella Ice Box Pie tonight, don't worry.  It wasn't for me. 

I had my fair share yesterday.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Pillow

It's Columbus Day.  That means, a day off work! 
So, I had no excuse not to bust out the sewing machine.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mama's Pimento Cheese

I'll be honest. 

I don't really call anyone "Mama".  Not even my own mom.  She's just "Mom". 
But, this is my Mom's Pimento Cheese recipe.  "Mama" just sounded better. 
I get asked for this recipe all the time.  When people realize how amazingly simple it is, they can't believe it.
You'll never buy the pre-made stuff in the tub again.